$100,000 Profit On A Beat Up Building Wholesale Deal

Hey what’s up out there people? Michael Kevorkian here and I wanted to share a great video I just put together on a wholesale flip I just did in Chicago. Watch me as I walk you through the property, talk numbers and reveal the secret to how I got this fantastic deal on a “not-so-hot” property in a really short amount of time. Feel free to join my Google+ Community, Facebook.com/ExtremeRealEstateInvestors or follow me on twitter @XRealEstateX, for a ton of free, relevant real estate tools and information. Thanks and remember to Go Big or Go Home!


Michael Kevorkian here, if you want to see how you can make money by flipping houses wholesale then check out this short video. We bought this building in Chicago and flipped it to another investor in under a month for a huge profit! You won’t believe your eyes…. This is one video you won’t want to miss!



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