What We Do

We Teach You Real, No Nonsense Real Estate Investing Strategies That Make You Money NOW!

Real Life Examples

Listen to our podcasts & watch our YouTube videos for tons of FREE content updated every week! You may not qualify to join the Extreme Real Estate Investors group but you can still get a ton of FREE information from us to help you along in your real estate investing career. It’s all current, updated weekly and FREE to use and share with all of your friends (if you want them to know how you make so much money in real estate that is). So have a listen, sit back and watch a video or two and remember to always pay it forward!

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

Learn how to get the right lists and who to market to so you can make TONS of MONEY!!! We show you all of the lists we use and where to get them to make sure that you get the highest quality leads calling you and practically begging you to take their properties! But WAIT…! If you have a great list and send them a banana what do you think would happen? NOTHING! So we also include our Extreme Guerrilla Marketing Secrets when you join the team!

Sales Tactics: How To Get Deals

If you think it’s all about getting a seller to sell you their property at your price, you’re dead wrong! You also need to learn how to turn that property into COLD HARD CASH! We give you all the tools and formulas needed to make offers, get the sellers to sell at YOUR price and find all the investor buyers you need to buy the properties from you at huge profits! We even include our “Done for You” power point presentation that will have sellers listening and understand exactly why their home is worth what it is with NO HARD SELLING needed!

Home Study Course

Learn to be an investor from the comfort of your own home! Get our secret 12 Step Real Estate Investing Strategy home study course and learn everything you need to know to succeed as a real estate investor today…. even if you have NO CASH or CREDIT! Manual & videos

Live 3 Day Training Events

Ready to EXPLODE onto the investing scene and make some serious CASH! Come to one of our live seminars and get a jump start on the competition, start getting deals and close them to make some SERIOUS CASH! We hold small group seminars for our Extreme Real Estate Investors for one reason and one reason only, we want you to succeed! We cannot pack a room full of 500 people and expect them to learn the details needed in this business. We offer the closet thing to a live one on one coach so you get all the attention you need to launch your business!


If you do NOTHING else I would recommend you find a GREAT coach to help guide you in your new business as an investor! I still have 3 mentors / coaches I work with to this very day and they are NOT cheap! They ARE worth every penny though and I would suggest you find someone to coach you even if it isn’t me. Like I said, I want you to do well, I know I can help you and would venture to say that I can do better than a lot of people out there but regardless of what you think of me or my program you need to find a coach / mentor / teacher to help you along and help you avoid making any costly mistakes.

Who We Are

What does it mean to be an “Extreme Real Estate Investor”?

  • It means to Go BIG or Go HOME…!
  • It means to change your life for the better!
  • It means that you will not let anything stand in the way of your dreams!
  • It means being committed to learning this business!
  • It IS all about doing whatever it takes to make it!

​If you learn all of our secret real estate investing strategies and can’t put a deal together then there is simply something wrong with YOU! The methods, tactics, strategies, formulas and techniques have been tested and work in virtually every market so you it is almost impossible for you to fail if you do what you are instructed to do.

We want you to be a part of the team! Even if you never spend a dime with us you can learn a lot just by going to YouTube and watching our videos or by downloading our podcasts. You can even send an email with some questions….. Just get started already!

Learn our secret 12 Step Real Estate Investing System that will change your life forever!

All you have to do is fill out our Extreme Real Estate Investors new member application, have a one on one phone consultation with Michael Kevorkian to see if you are a good fit to join the team and learn our super secret 12 Step Real Estate Investing System! You can literally close your first deal in the next 30 days if you qualify to join the team!

Extreme Real Estate Investors – What We Are All About

We are all about helping YOU succeed in this life as a real estate investor! Whether you’re looking to make a little extra money or take your real estate investing career to the next level, we can help! No one should ever go at this alone. You don’t want to have opportunities right in front of you and leave a ton of money on the table because you don’t know better.

That is EXACTLY what we are all about! You will learn our proprietary 12 Step Real Estate Investing System to launch yourself into a completely different category of real estate investor and be able to totally blow away your competition!

You will learn all the secret, behind the scenes strategies to make money in real estate for:

1. Wholesaling
2. REO & HUD Bank Owned Foreclosures
3. Pre-Foreclosure – NOT SHORT SALES
4. Reverse Short Sales
5. Ugly and Abandoned
6. Not So Hostile Take Overs
7. Lease Options – Buying & Selling
8. Owner Finance
9. Joint ventures – Super Powerful Strategy
10. Rehabbing
11. Land lording – Cash Flow
12. Hard Money Lending