Fast Cash Wholesale Real Estate Deal Part 2

Real Estate Investing. Probate Real Estate Investing. Wholesale Real Estate. A glorious finish to a deal I was wholesaling. I had a cash buyer lined up to pay me $17,500 for an assignment fee but he flaked out at the last minute so I closed and I’m going to rehab it now…. The best part is that the $17,500 profit is going to turn into about $85,000 to $95,000 when I get done with this one…. and that’s NET money in my pocket! We just signed this one up today and I can’t wait to give you the grand tour when we close! The owners gutted this house to the studs and now want to walk away. The reason I’m not afraid of buying this one is simple… I follow my proven 12 step real estate investing process EVERY DAY in my business and it takes all the guesswork out of buying a property, regardless of it’s condition. Do you want to learn how to invest in real estate, flip real estate, wholesale, tax liens, foreclosures, probate, abandoned property, short sales, hard money, owner finance financing, no money down and much more?

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