Chicago Wholesaler Brings Home The Vegetarian Bacon!

Hi my name is Zagham Zia with New Market Realty and Extreme Real Estate Investors. Here are two checks I got from one closing yesterday thanks to the training I got from Michael Kevorkian and his Extreme Real Estate Investors System.The 1st check is for $6,500 dollars and the 2nd check is for $13,000 dollars. I also got an additional $2,000 dollar check when I found the buyer for this property, which is a total of $21,500 dollars!

I wanted to share my success with you all so you can see how easy and real this system and process is! Go out there and get started now! This one deal is a life changer for me. Thank you Michael for everything you have taught me in your coaching program. I can’t wait to send you another video when my next real estate investment deal closes!

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