Is It A Need Or A Want…?

Is It A Need Or A Want…?

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Hey turkey Happy Monday…!!!

So I dusted off my old Tony Robbins “Get The Edge” course this weekend and gave it a listen…

Tony Robbins put that program out in the late 90’s but the information in it is SO relevant…

One of the many things that jumped out at me was a point he was making on “needs vs. wants”

He said, in a nutshell, that “wanting” something is never going to be enough to drive you to make lasting change in your life…


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You have to “need” to do it and as he stated, If you want change in your life, it has to be a must not just a want”…

You may want to lose weight but until it becomes a “must” you probably won’t do much about it…

Ask yourself…

Do you NEED to make more money or do you just want to…?

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